Screenwriter's database (sends your query to over 400 screenwriting agents) - US $49

The best way for screenwriters to find representation with a Hollywood agent specializing in film or television

Screenwriter's database & Film database (represents over 1050 agents and producers) - US $89

Two great databases at a wonderful price! Pitch to agents, film producers & production companies all at the same time

Screenwriter's database & TV Series database (represents 850+ agents and TV producers) - US $79

A great package that will save you both time and money. Pitch your TV project to agents, TV producers & production companies

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For those looking to pitch ideas/projects or secure financing . . .

Film database (represents 665 film producers & production companies) - US $49

A great way for filmmakers to pitch a movie idea, sell a screenplay, or secure financing

TV Series database (455 TV producers & production companies) - US $39

This service is an excellent way to pitch an idea or sell a script for a TV series

Documentary database (represents 78 producers & production companies) - US $29

A great way for documentary filmmakers to secure financing or distribution

Reality TV database (represents 180 producers & production companies) - US $29

Got an idea for a Reality TV show? This service is the best way to turn that idea into reality!


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